Where to start when promoting your site.

Now the first thing I was told when I got into online marketing was you need an audience. Now matter the product or service you have or offer you need an audience. Seems obvious but the way you build your audience is important. List building, traffic exchanges, blog posts , social media, how to get the best result from each source is how you approach your audience. Depending on your product or service you may get a high stream of customers or readers by tweeting vs emailing. We will get into more detail on that in later post but for now let’s talk about why, why do we do what we do to gain traffic.

Here is one of the most important things to remember when marketing your products or service, make sure you present it in a way only you can present it, always be you. I bet it sound corny but out of anything you have to offer, the best thing is you, it alright to take notes and tips but make sure there is more of you shinning thru then just remembered lines.

When you do have a site to promote it would be easy to just start flooding it with paid traffic and hope for the best, yes there is a place for paid traffic but, most of the real steady sales or sign ups will come from loyal readers. This is why when you start a news letter or a blog you will get more readers by being you then trying to imitate or just copying and pasting information.

This is also a step you will want to put to use as soon as you can, make sure to use a signup page or maintain a news letter, this should be in the top 5 steps of gaining traffic, instead of just posting your direct link every where you can funnel most of your traffic towards your news letter or email list. The reason behind promoting a news letter or signup page is that you will gain readers and be able to promote to them multiple times instead of just a one shot and done if promoting a direct link.

This is what this post is about where to start when promoting your site, I know you might be in a rush to promote your link directly by paying for traffic and hope for the best which may get you some sales, but to start making a difference in your sales there are steps to take and pointing your potential customers towards something valuable instead of just another attempt to be sold on something is the main step, people who invest their time into a product or service are more likely to make a purchase, they feel educated on the product and feel if they do make a decision to buy it’s an informed one. This is what your newsletter will do or even a simple 3 email course on ‘how to’ will bring in a targeted audience. More of how starting a news letter or E-course, can help you build your team or bring in sales next post we will be covering that and more.

Thank you for reading, This blog is for entertainment purposes any tips provided are based on personal experience and knowledge, please use at your own risk.




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