How a simple e-course can boost sales.

When I first started I promoted almost every where and used almost every method except email, my thought was that email advertising is just to hard

and I don’t know where to start even if I wanted to use this type of marketing. But I used some free auto-responders and took a few e-courses on how and why news letters and other forms of email list will help your over all sales.

I started with Get Response they have a 30 day free trial sign-up with just your email and a few other pieces of info no credit card needed. They have great how to videos that will help you setup your first campaign, plus when you tell a friend about this useful tool you both get a $30.00 credit. Here is the tool that can make one of the biggest differences in any of your advertising campaigns you will gain the power of being able to present your new products to a ready to buy audience.

Here is the reason why newsletters and other email campaigns work, if you give useful information, in an entertaining way then you have a great chance of  gaining new clients and customers. Not only do you get to present your readers with information but they will be looking forward to get each mail you send,since they are the ones who sign up to your newsletter or e course or which ever way you choose, you can be sure that you are increasing your chances of making money exponentially, when you start using email marketing effectively you will wonder what took you so long to start.

Here is another reason you may get more signups or sales, when you give valuable information, people tend to come back for more and begin to trust your recommendations. If you surf for traffic then you may see more than 50 web pages a day, on the low end and above 500 a day on the higher end,if you happen to advertise using this type of traffic one of the most effective ways to convert viewers to customers, it helps to have a short and simple message that any surfer will want to fill in the sign-up form and continue surfing. Very convenient for the surfer if you can get their attention in a few sentences then you are closer to making a sale and now have a targeted audience. Even more effective when used on social media since you are posting you are posting to people who already follow you you are more likely to build your list quicker then a person who doesn’t use these advertising channels.

Make sure to check out Get response to see how auto responders can take you to the next level in your pursuit of financial freedom. Thank you for reading next time we will go over how you can make even more money with your new auto responder, and why using traffic exchanges is not dead. Till next time have a great day.


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