How and why your email list can make you money.

I hear this all the time, email is dead, it’s all about social media.  Now if they ask you for an email when you join these social media sites wouldn’t it
be wise to do the same. Yes most people who have email, only read the important ones most are just ignored and deleted. Unless the tittle reads “free money” and even then most are very aware of scams so if it sounds to good to be true it must be. 

This is why when you start your email campaign you have to consider what your landing page represents. If you send a positive message towards your product or service you are more likely to build an active list. This is why some people believe email doesn’t work, just like with any advertising platform you have to know how to utilize it effectivly. So if you make big promises you must deliver, but when you do you will find your list will join almost any program you recommend simply because you give them useful information, not false promises. With to much hype your list could plumit and just flat out not work. 

The best step to take, is to read your newsletter or e-course and see if it adds value, if the subject is about gardening then the reader should walk away with a new skill or learned something that makes them a better Gardner.

 See this approach will have readers looking forward to each mail you send instead of hoping the mails stop. Most newbie who start using email marketing tend to over load each mail with ads. This will weaken your list and your readers will feel like your emails are just more ads. 

Like it or not email is here and very much alive, most of us check it for important account information, and only the most interesting updates. If you make sure your emails are entertaining and informative you have a high chance of making steady income from each news letter or e-course. Once you gain trust make sure you keep it, if you wouldn’t use the product or service for that purpose, then don’t advertise it. This is why email marketing is so effective, the building of trust is what makes this type of promoting highly profitable, most people like to make a purchase based on what they know,  so if properly informed your customer will buy from you because they will feel like the purchase is an educated investment.  Since they already invest time into your emails, they will have the confidence that not only will the product work, but if it’s used buy someone they, trust then they will fell like they have the best product. 

Thank you for reading until next time have a great day. 


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